Taco Bell Launches First Ever Global Campaign, all with the help of the Moon

Published on: 04-05-2021
We all love fast food but when it's for free, it tastes even better. What if we tell you that you are in for a free Taco treat? We are not kidding. It is the latest global campaign rolled out by the restaurant chain, Taco Bell. On May 4, the moon will be in the crescent phase resembling the shape of a taco.

To celebrate this lunar phase in their own way, the brand has decided to provide tacos without any charges to its consumers. The official Instagram account shows them comparing a sumptuous taco with the shape of the moon across a brightly lit skyline.

They described this "Taco moon" offer as, "Breaking news: The world is getting a new lunar phase on 5/4. Oh, and everyone's getting a free crunchy taco, too, from 8 pm to 12 am or all day through the app or online." Take a look at the official post:

Well, if it's lockdown at your place and you cannot risk having tacos from a store outside, you can make it at home. You can prepare this Mexican dish using the available ingredients at home. Let us remind you that there are ample varieties of tacos including chicken tacos, phulka tacos, paneer and salsa and even exotic vegetable tacos. Click here for the recipes.

Coming back to food companies and their unique strategies, we recently saw one more such marketing wonder. A pizza place in Delhi is offering pizzas in the shape of a person's name's initials. A part of the income will be donated for towards COVID-19 relief funds.

Earlier, one more such campaign was the collaboration between Korean band BTS and McDonald's. The fast-food giant is all set to introduce a lip-smacking menu that will be customised by the K-pop sensations. Well, as long as we get to satiate our taste buds, such campaigns are more than welcome.

Coming back to the Taco Moon campaign, in India, foodies can get a free Crunchy Taco tomorrow with any purchase through the Taco Bell app or through food-delivery aggregators such as Swiggy and Zomato.

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Published at: 04-05-2021