This lucky draw contest (“Contest”) is organised by Burman Hospitality Private Limited in India, (hereinafter referred as “Taco Bell”) wherein consumer can participate voluntarily, by their own free will by way of buying “The Ultimate Cheese Taco” ALC or Meal from Taco Bell either online through the Taco Bell mobile application or through Zomato ,and/ or Swiggy or offline from any Taco Bell store in India, except the state of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry subject to all applicable central and state laws and regulations of India. Subject to the above, by participating in this Contest, participants are deemed to fully and unconditionally agree and accept to abide by these terms and conditions as well as the decisions of Taco Bell, which shall be final and binding in all matters related to the Contest. Successfully participating in the Contest and winning a prize is subject to complying all requirements set forth herein.

  1. The Contest is open for the citizens of India only, over 18 years of age subject to applicable laws. However, the Contest is not open for Taco Bell’s employees and their families, Taco Bell’s agents, distributors, retailers, other channel partners (including their employees).
  2. The Contest starts on January 3, 2022 and ends on January 30, 2022 (both dates inclusive) (“Contest Period”) as per store operational days and hours fixed by Taco Bell in accordance with applicable laws, rules, regulations and notifications of the concerned governments and authorities. By participating in this Contest, each participant agrees that he/she has read and understood these terms and conditions and by their participation in the Contest, each participant agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions. Mere participation should not be perceived as any commitment on the part of Taco Bell to select a participant as the winner. Nothing herein amounts to a commitment by Taco Bell to conduct further, similar or other contests in future. By participating in this Contest, the participants also agree and confirm that they are legally eligible to participate in this Contest and are of such legally permissible age.
  3. Incomplete information provided or failure to provide true and accurate information as enumerated by Taco Bell, failure to submit proof of identification and/or valid number or any other additional information of a participant as sought by Taco Bell in its sole discretion shall automatically disqualify a participant from the Contest. Taco Bell shall have the absolute and sole discretion to determine whether any participant should be disqualified or exclude any person from this Contest, by reason of failure to abide by these terms and conditions, bad faith, fraud or any other reason whatsoever, at any given point of time. The decision(s) of Taco Bell with respect to such qualification and/or disqualification shall be deemed as final and binding and no correspondence shall be entertained by Taco Bell at any point of time. No intimation shall be sent to the customers who are disqualified and/or not amongst the winners. The participant(s) or any other third person/entity acting on their/his/her behalf shall not raise any dispute or demur, in any manner whatsoever, with respect to the Contest or any of its procedure(s)/process or conduct of Taco Bell for the Contest.
  4. Taco Bell has the sole discretion in selecting the winners from all eligible entries received. Prizes and winners are decided by Taco Bell through a lucky draw/random basis. Taco Bell shall not be held liable to explain the procedure and process by which the winner has been chosen and Taco Bell reserves the right to keep such procedure and process confidential in all means and measures. The decision of Taco Bell in this regard will be deemed as final and binding and no correspondence will be entertained by Taco Bell with regard to the same. The prizes are offered on ‘as is’ and 'NO EXCHANGE, NO MONETARY ADJUSTMENTS' basis. Taco Bell shall not be responsible, in any manner whatsoever, for any defect or quality issues in respect of the prize(s). The prize(s) are not supported with any warranty from Taco Bell. The prizes shall be governed by the normal terms and conditions of the manufacturer manufacturer/issuer of the prizes and Taco Bell shall not be held liable or responsible for the same or the acts and deeds of the manufacturer/issuer. The prize winner shall contact the manufacturer issuer/manufacturer service centre directly for any issue, whatsoever, related with the prize(s).
  5. Taco Bell holds the right and sole discretion with respect to publishing or notifying the names of the winner through any medium/channel. Subject to the above right, Taco Bell intends to announce 250 (Two Hundred and Fifty) lucky draw winners tentatively every Wednesday (as more particularly enumerated hereinbelow) by directly contacting with the winner via WhatsApp and names alongwith partially hidden registered (with Taco Bell) mobile numbers of the lucky draw winners will be placed on Taco Bell website each week in the following manner:

    Week 1 (January 3, 2022 to January 9, 2022): Winner announcement is proposed to be on January 12, 2022;

    Week 2 (January 10, 2022 to January 16, 2022): Winner announcement is proposed to be on January 19, 2022;

    Week 3 (January 17, 2022 to January 23, 2022): Winner announcement is proposed to be on January 26, 2022;

    Week 4 (January 24, 2022 to January 30, 2022): Winner announcement is proposed to be on February 2, 2022.

  6. The contest is a weekly contest (from every Monday to Sunday only for the 4 weeks of Jan 2022) and in order to become eligible to participate in the Contest, the Customer should purchase “The Ultimate Cheese Taco” either as ALC or as Meal (as more particularly defined hereinbelow) before closing time of every Sunday (9th Jan 2022, 16th Jan 2022 and 23rd Jan 2022 and 30th Jan 2022).
  7. The Customer who has purchased “The Ultimate Cheese Taco” either as ALC or as Meal during the defined contest period (as mentioned above in Point No. 2 of this Terms & Conditions) and share their active correct, complete and valid mobile number with which they/he/she is active on WhatsApp Taco Bell store during dine-in or purchasing online from Taco Bell App, Swiggy or Zomato will be auto enrolled for participating in the Contest. Sharing of mobile number during the purchase of “The Ultimate Cheese Taco” ALC or meal would be considered as customer’s auto consent for participating in the Contest.
  8. The 250 (Two Hundred and Fifty) lucky draw winners per week (as described hereinabove) will be contacted on WhatsApp on the aforesaid winner announcement date (as detailed in point number 7) and such winners should revert on the message received form Taco Bell with their registered name and email ID and such details as may be required by Taco Bell within 24 hours of receipt of the aforesaid message. If no revert from the lucky draw winner within stipulated time period, then Taco Bell reserves the right to forfeit the prize(s) [passcode for online game name “AGE OF EMPIRES”] at its sole discretion. The decision of such forfeiture shall be final and binding and no correspondence shall be entertained by Taco Bell, in this regard. The prize(s) must be taken as offered and cannot be varied. The right to claim the prize shall remain solely with the lucky draw winner and this shall not be transferred by the lucky draw winner to any other person, in any manner whatsoever.
  9. The timelines as mentioned in this Terms & Conditions document are an indicative timelines and subject to change at sole discretion of Taco Bell. Taco Bell at its sole discretion, may either hand over the prize at the store of participation of the lucky draw winner or deliver the prize at the address provided by the lucky draw winner after being satisfied by the authenticity of the address provided by the lucky draw winner. Taco Bell may communicate with the lucky draw winners either by phone call on their registered number or by sending e-mail at their registered e-mail id available with Taco Bell, or any other manner, as may be decided by Taco Bell. Taco Bell shall not be held liable, if the lucky draw winner(s) do not receive the information or prize due to the incorrect/invalid/ inactive mobile number/ delivery address/ e-mail id or any other incorrect information provided by the participant/ lucky draw winner.
  10. In case the winner is contacted, amongst other things, he/she would be required to verify a valid Government photo identity proof (e.g. Driver's license, Voter ID card, Passport, Aadhar card, PAN card, or Ration card), at the time of the claiming the prize from Taco Bell.
  11. Multiple entries are allowed on a single day. The Participant(s) take full responsibility of sharing their correct & valid mobile numbers while ordering at a Taco Bell store or ordering from the Taco Bell App, Zomato App or Swiggy App.
  12. All participants including entrants and winners will not have any claim against Taco Bell or its affiliates with regard to any matter connected with this Contest. All participants including entrants and lucky draw winners hereby expressly waive any and all rights of claim, of any nature whatsoever, against Taco Bell with regard to the Contest, prize, declaration of winner or the T&Cs hereof. Further, Taco Bell shall not be liable for any costs, losses, damages, taxes, liabilities or inconvenience suffered by any participant as a result of these terms and conditions, entering into this Contest or accepting any part of the prize. Further, participants shall hold Taco Bell harmless against any loss, damage, taxes, liabilities suffered by Taco Bell due to a participant’s participation in this Contest or accepting any part of the prize.
  13. Taco Bell reserves the right to withdraw/discontinue/defer the Contest and/or change, amend, modify, extend, and/or alter any of the terms & conditions of this Contest, without mentioning any reason thereto and at any time at its sole discretion, without prior notice or intimation to anyone and shall not be liable for any consequential losses/damages, in any manner whatsoever, to any person.
  14. Taco Bell will not be responsible and liable for acceptability, suitability, delivery/dispatch failure, or any delay in delivery, service, defects, deficiency, performance or quality of the services /products/prize provided under the Contest.
  15. The participant(s) hereby give express permission to Taco Bell & its affiliates to freely use and distribute in any manner and through any medium their submissions and content thereof as entered by them in this Contest in accordance with privacy policy of Taco Bell.
  16. Materials/content/details of the participants, including participant’s name, details & photographs sent/submitted with Taco Bell including feedback and other communications of any kind as well as submission of an entry to this Contest shall be used in accordance with privacy policy of Taco Bell. Taco Bell is also free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in such submissions or materials for any purpose. Participants agree and confirm that such submissions and any content/material included therein does not breach intellectual and/or proprietary rights of any third party.
  17. All right, title and interest, including but not limited to the intellectual property rights, in the promotional material(s) and in any and all responses received shall vest solely and exclusively with Taco Bell at all times.
  18. All material submitted in connection with the Contest (whether written, audio, electronic or visual form, or a combination of those) or any photographs, video and/or film footage and/or audio recording taken of Participants are assigned to Taco Bell upon submission and become the property of Taco Bell exclusively. Taco Bell may use the material in any medium in any reasonable manner it deems fit. Copyright in any such material remains the sole property of Taco Bell.
  19. Prizes are non-transferable & Taco Bell reserves the right to modify/substitute/withdraw the prizes, without any prior notice or intimation, at its sole discretion, to any person/entity. No cash alternatives or any other alternative prizes are available in exchange for the prize(s) as decided by Taco Bell under this Contest.
  20. Taco Bell shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any person, in any manner whatsoever, due to act of God, Governmental actions, pandemic any other force majeure circumstances and/or any other implicit/explicit reason(s)/ circumstance(s), and will not be liable to pay any amount as compensation or otherwise for any such loss.
  21. The lucky draw winners of the Contest shall not be eligible to participate again in the Contest during the remaining period of the Contest after they have once won the prize..
  22. Taco Bell shall not be responsible for any NDNC (National Do Not Call) Registry regulation or for any other technical failure, including any application failure/glitch or downtime, that comes into play. All participants who participate hereby agree and give express consent to Taco Bell that even if they are registered under NDNC, DND (Do Not Disturb), Taco Bell, will have the valid authority to call such shortlisted participants, by virtue of them having voluntarily participated in this Contest.
  23. The images of the prizes depicted on the ads/posters/pack shots etc. are for illustration only and the actual prize may vary from the depiction(s) made. All names and images used to depict prizes are proprietary to the respective brand/manufacturer. Taco Bell shall not be held responsible and liable, in any manner whatsoever, for such depiction(s).
  24. Any and all prize-related expenses, including any delivery expenses, taxes and statutory levies as applicable shall be borne by the lucky draw winners for prize, as applicable.
  25. If any participant is dissatisfied with the Contest or the Contest rules and/or any content or any requirements of the Contest, the materials available related thereto, or with these terms and conditions, his/her sole and exclusive remedy is to not participate in the Contest or exclude himself/herself from the Contest.
  26. In case of any ambiguity with respect to this Contest and the terms and conditions thereto, decision of Taco Bell shall be final and binding.
  27. This Contest is not sponsored or endorsed or administered by or associated with any social media website.
  28. Participants hereby agree that disputes, if any, will be subject to Indian laws and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the civil courts of New Delhi India.
  29. By entering the Contest, participants indemnify Taco Bell and any of their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees and agencies from any liability whatsoever, and waive any and all causes of action, related to any liability, claims, costs, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind, that may occur, directly or indirectly, whether caused by negligence or not arising out of or in connection with the Contest.
  30. For any queries or concerns related to the contest, kindly write to us on [email protected]